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General Information

If you want to order our products for more Google reviews, your customers must have a Google account to rate you. Usually, all smartphone users who do not have an iPhone have a Google account. But iPhone users usually also have a Google account. Just like users of Youtube, Gmail or Google Maps.

If you want to order our products for more Instagram followers, your customers must have an Instagram account to follow you.

The delivery time is 4 to 5 working days, as we manufacture all products individually and adapt them to you.

No. In contrast to many fee-based evaluation portals, there are no monthly fees because we are not an independent evaluation portal, but effectively shorten the path from offline service and trading to online evaluation.

No, we don’t sell Google reviews or followers

Reviews you receive from your customers are real and provide more trust.

Yes, of course you will receive an invoice. You will receive this via email with your order

Bad reviews can hit anyone, because you can never please everyone. If you get a bad rating, we recommend an exchange with the customer. A discrepancy can usually be resolved. If the rating is unlawful, we recommend reporting the rating to the relevant portal.

Products & ordering process

We create the QR code for you. You don’t have to worry about anything.

If the upload is not possible, you can also send us your order via email.

No, we do not need any access data from you.

If you would like to order products for multiple locations, please send us a request to hello@truzzer.com

Your customers need a smartphone with a camera. Your customers only have to hold the smartphone camera over the QR code and a popup will appear, which will lead to the stored link (evaluation form / social media profile). Please note that your customers need their own account for the respective portal.

The exchange of the products is not possible because they are individually manufactured. If something is wrong with your order, we will send you a new delivery.