Hand over a truzzer TripAdvisor card or attach a sticker
Customer scans QR code
Customer reviews you positively on TripAdvisor

Get more TripAdvisor reviews from your guests now!

Hotels that ask guests for reviews are usually faced with a problem, namely the way from asking for a TripAdvisor review to actually getting a review on TripAdvisor, as this is a complicated process. The request only stays in your head for the moment and since guests in “real life” have no connection from your hotel on site to the TripAdvisor rating function, the rating is not “tangible”. Getting to the review form is simply too complicated for many guests.

The TripAdvisor rating cards and TripAdvisor stickers with QR code take this hurdle and make the hotel rating tangible for your guests. Stop asking your guests to search for and review you on TripAdvisor and post them TripAdvisor rating cards in the reception area, give them to your guests or place them TripAdvisor sticker prominent in the rooms.

On the TripAdvisor rating card, the guest will find a call-to-action asking them to review your hotel on TripAdvisor. All your guest has to do is hold their smartphone camera over the QR code and go straight to your official TripAdvisor rating form, where they can leave a review for your hotel.

In addition, we offer you personalized TripAdvisor table displays that you can conveniently place on the review.

TripAdvisor review NFC Tag Action Button


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Review us on TripAdvisor hotel door hanger with TripAdvisor review QR code

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Tripadvisor Review Cards

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Your advantages at a glance


Better image

You can increase your image and reputation without much effort


More confidence

With a lot of positive reviews you ensure that new customers trust you and your offer, which means that they are more inclined to come to you than to your competitors.


Better guest loyalty

Your guests see how important feedback is to you, which improves your loyalty to your guests.


Ahead of the rest

You are simply much smarter in marketing than many competitors and closer to your target group than anyone else.

How it works

step 1

Order the TripAdvisor rating cards, stickers or table displays and we will take care of the QR code linking.

step 2

Your guest sees the request to review you and simply reviews you with their smartphone.

step 3

Done 😉

Why truzzer?

One of the decisive arguments for booking or buying decisions are the reviews on Google and Tripadvisor, the recommendations on Facebook or the opinion of influencers and people on Instagram.
truzzer simplifies the online evaluation and recommendation for your company by offering a physical and easy-to-use interface between local business and the digital world.

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