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More Instagram followers for your company!
Customer scans QR-Code
Customer follows you on Instagram

More Instagram followers for your company!

Gain more followers on Instagram in your restaurant or café with the "Follow us on Instagram" table displays!
Place the stands prominently on your tables and help your customers to easily follow you. With the display you can easily solve a problem, namely that your customers do not know that you are on Instagram and often simply cannot find you. The customer will find a call-to-action on the "Follow us on Instagram" table display, with the invitation to follow you. To do this, your customer only has to hold the smartphone camera over the QR code and they will go straight to your profile.

Your advantages at a glance


No searching

Your customers don't have to find you first and you don't have to give them your username or, in some cases, explain it


More confidence

With a lot of followers you ensure that new customers trust you and your offer, which means that they are more inclined to come to you than to your competitors.


More followers on Instagram

The table stands make it easy for you to gain more followers.


Ahead of the rest

You are simply much smarter in marketing than many competitors and closer to your target group than anyone else.


Follow us on Instagram NFC Stand / Display


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How it works

step 1

Place the Instagram table stand prominently in your business, practice or restaurant

step 2

Your customer sees the request to follow you, scans the QR code and follows you

step 3

Done 😉

Get more Instagram followers

In addition to the Instagram stickers, we offer you many other products to get more followers on INstagram.

Why truzzer?

One of the decisive arguments for booking or buying decisions are the reviews on Google and Tripadvisor, the recommendations on Facebook or the opinion of influencers and people on Instagram.
Truzzer simplifies the online evaluation and recommendation for your company by offering a physical and easy-to-use interface between local business and the digital world. Quite simply recommended!

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