Hand over the google review business card
Customer scans QR-Code
Customer reviews you
positive on google

Get more Google reviews from your customers, no matter where you are!

With the truzzer Business cards with Google review QR Code for Google Reviews we make it easy for you and your customers to review you positively on Google, no matter where you and your customer are! In “real life” there is no connection between your on-site service and the Google review function, as the review is not “tangible”. The Google review Business Cards take this hurdle with the Google Review  business cards and make the Google review tangible for your customers. 

Your customers will find a call-to-action on the Google business card asking them to leave you a review on Google. To do this, your customer only has to use the smartphone camera to scan the Google review QR-Code and then will go straight to your official Google review form. That´s it!


Better Image

You can increase your image and reputation without much effort


Better visibility on Google

Your positive reviews help you to increase your visibility in the search results - a rtrue SEO booster!