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These customers trust truzzer.

Connect your company touchless with your customers with our NFC products

Get more reviews on Google, gain more Instagram followers and offer a better service - very easily with the truzzer NFC products.

Innovation through technology

truzzer offers you the most modern offline-to-online interface

Today's world beats digital, which presents companies with new challenges but also great opportunities. Today, customers are not only moving locally, but mostly online, so that new interfaces to companies are possible. While this change is progressing rapidly, local companies are faced with the obstacle of connecting local business with the new "online life" of customers and guests.

The cut between on-site and abstract business offers online (Google reviews, Instagram, etc.) has been too big so far.
With our NFC products, we connect offline locally on site with the relevant interfaces online.

More design - more benefits

Your tools to integrate "online" locally

truzzer offers you new products with the innovative NFC technology, which give customers easy access to your online offer. For this we offer you modern, attractive and durable stickers and stands / displays, which you can easily integrate into your shop, your practice, your restaurant or salon.

You do not need a power connection for this, nor do your customers need a separate app. The products are sent to you ready to use.

Discover our NFC stands in Action

Dead easy

Here's how it works

All your customers have to do is hold the smartphone to the product. A pop-up opens and customers can follow you, rate you or use your WiFi. If customers do not have an NFC-enabled smartphone, there is a QR code on the products that can be scanned with the smartphone.

place product
Customer holds smartphone next to product
Customer connects with you!

Customer loyalty works today from a combination of offline and online

You too can use this chance.

NFC products for your success

Discover our NFC product portfolio now!

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