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Google Review QR Code

In the following article you will find out what a Google QR code is, how it can help you get more Google reviews and why you should own one.

QR code for Google reviews

QR Codes for Google Reviews are small, practical helpers that help you get Google Reviews from your customers. Roughly speaking, these QR codes are links packed in a visual scheme, which can be opened by scanning with your smartphone’s camera without having to type in a web address in the browser search bar.

Google QR Codes are an enhanced version of regular QR Codes. While most QR codes only lead to a website, QR codes for Google reviews (at least the ones that we offer on our products) offer the possibility to go directly to the direct Google reviews without detours.

The advantage of these QR codes is that customers don’t have to search for your business and don’t have to go through the reviews section first (which has to be found first).

In short, the QR codes for Google reviews are a very effective and easy way for your customers to rate you on Google.

Google review template

As described above, a QR code for Google reviews is a wonderful way to get Google reviews. But without presenting this in a meaningful way and encouraging customers to rate it and telling them that this QR code leads to a rating, customers can hardly do anything with it. To anticipate this, we offer many products that encourage your customers to rate them. This is a wide range of business cards, evaluation cards, stickers and table displays. All products are provided with a call to action that encourages your customers to rate and an individual QR code that leads directly to the Google review form. We take care of the QR code, the design, the printing and the shipping directly to you, so you don’t have to worry about anything else.

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