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Good reviews on Google
made easy!

What your customers think of you helps other customers to decide for or against you. About 90% of all customers value a Google review as much as a recommendation from a friend. For this reason, reviews are one of the most important marketing tools for your company, because they determine your success or failure.

With the help of our solutions for more and better Google reviews, we make it easy for you to gain new reviews on Google and give your customers the opportunity to review you very easily.

Give to your company
its best image

It depends on what your customers say about you.
You have it in your hand!

We simplify
the Google review for you

Without subscription, without monthly costs, without difficult technology

No more difficulties with the Google review

We move your customers to the Google review!

If there's one thing we´re good at, it's helping companies get Google reviews. Because of this, we know how difficult it can be to get good Google reviews. We offer you simple tools for you and your customers to quickly get more reviews and all your customers need is their smartphone - no special app and no special know-how

Your customers want to review you on Google

Google reviews made easy!

Approximately 93% of all customers are willing to review a company if they are asked to do so. The difficulty with the review is that customers either forget it as soon as they have left your store, practice or restaurant, or there is no direct possibility of reviewing the business, because let's be honest: When asked to review you, your customer has to Search on Google, find the right profile there, then call up the reviews area and then click on Write a review and only then, after four sometimes cumbersome actions, can your customer submit the review - quite complicated.

We take this hurdle and make your Google review literally tangible for your customers.

Faster more Google reviews

With truzzer faster to more reviews!

We help your customers to review you with customizable products with a Google Review QR code that leads directly to your Google review form - without searching, without asking, without forgetting and without detours.

We offer you a large selection of different products - from stickers to business cards to table displays, which enable your customers to review you and your company on Google quickly and easily. Quite simply via the individual QR code

Customer opinions are
Industry independent

No matter what you do, you do it well and we will help your customers spread the word

That's how easy it is

Get more reviews in three easy steps

Step 1

Hand over or place review product

Hand over the review card to your customers or place the table displays or stickers prominently on site. The call-to-action does the asking for you and customers don't forget the review.

Step 2

Customers scan the QR code

Your customers only have to scan the QR code with their smartphone camera (no extra app required) and get directly to the reiew form - without searching, without jumping off.
We create the QR code for you based on your company details.

qr-code-scan review google s
Step 3

Customers review you on Google

Your customers review you on Google. All they have to do is select the stars and leave a review. That´s it!

Discover our products for more Google reviews

The right tool for every application - our review solutions for more Google reviews



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We create the QR code for the “Review us on Google” products for you based on the information you provide during the ordering process. This applies to all of our products.

The QR code for the “Review us on Google” products is valid continuously and does not expire.

The Google review using our products is very easy. Customers only have to scan the Google QR Code attached to the products with the smartphone camera and the form for your Google review will open directly. Your customers only have to leave a review and click “submit”.

Yes, you need your own Google My Business account to receive Google reviews. You can create this for free.

Of course, we would be happy to send you a preview of your desired product.

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