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Free Google reviews

Getting free Google reviews is easy because the ability to get reviews on Google is free for any business. All you need is your own Google My Business account, which is also free, customers and a little communication – it’s really that simple and you don’t have to invest horrendous sums in paid Google reviews.
Here you can find out how you can get free reviews and why they help you even more than purchased reviews.

Why do I even need Google Reviews?

The answer here is simple, because Google reviews show (potential) customers whether your offer is good or whether they should rather avoid you and your services.
If a potential customer searches for something specific on Google (e.g. hairdresser Berlin), the customer automatically receives a list of numerous hairdressers in the desired region on Google, including the display of the ratings. In human nature it is now obvious to choose the best hairdresser, after all one does not want to look like the robber Hotzenplotz.
Furthermore, the number of ratings, the average rating, and the content of the rating help for your own positioning in the search results.
As you can see, these reviews are very important to attract customers.

Why Buy Google Reviews?

Buying Google reviews is usually the first choice for (ignorant) companies to tackle the aforementioned aspect and get numerous reviews. It’s also a logical conclusion. I spend some money and my ranking goes up and it’s not illegal either. Thinking further, however, it is the case that one usually does not receive very meaningful ratings, these ratings are very expensive and in general often already smell like “fake ratings”, so that the positive ratings conversely lead to a loss of trust. The reason why many entrepreneurs tend to buy Google reviews is that they don’t know how to easily get free reviews from tons of real customers.

Free Google reviews from real customers

Getting real and free Google reviews from your own customers is relatively easy when you know how, because the key is good communication, even if your offer isn’t 100% the very best out there. If your offer is that good, it’s even easier.
The term communication may not seem “simple” at this point, but that’s exactly how it is. If you get in touch with your customers properly, you will also receive free reviews from them, which will help you to increase trust in your company and at the same time increase your Google ranking.

Enough talking, let’s get to the point.

The easiest way to get free Google reviews isn’t just asking for Google reviews, it’s a direct, friendly request for a Google review. 8 out of 10 customers are willing to rate companies (for free) on Google if they are only asked to do so. However, the exact way of the request must be considered carefully, because receiving an evaluation has to do with timing and the right way. Anyone who calls out “Review us on Google!” after their customers leave the door. will rather go empty-handed. If you do it smart, your customers know about the Google B

A simple “We would be happy if you rate us on Google” works wonders when paired with a few little helpers, because the path from being asked in the real world to being rated in the online world is quite an abstract process. Therefore (now comes the self-promotion) we offer you different products to take away this abstract process from your customers and make the evaluation easy. These are cards, stickers, displays and many other products that ask customers to rate you and your business on Google, on which a QR code is also placed that leads directly to your Google My Business review form.

This gives the customer a tangible opportunity to rate you and a reminder to actually do so. So you can quickly get good and above all free Google reviews from all your customers without having to buy expensive Google reviews.

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