Place stickers prominently
Customer scans QR code
Customer follows you / reviews you

Boost customer trust with social media stickers and get more ratings and followers.

ou run your own company, are active online and are looking for ways to draw the attention of your customers to your social media and online channels?
The social media stickers from truzzer make it easy for you to achieve your goals.
Regardless of whether you want to get more Google reviews , gain more followers on Instagram and Facebook or improve your image on Jameda and TripAdvisor - the truzzer social media stickers will help you!We offer you customizable social media stickers with QR code for the channels relevant to you. Your customers only need to scan the QR code and go directly to your profile or your rating function.
Thanks to this direct link, you help customers find you, follow you and rate you, because your customers don't have to look far for you.
Order cheap social media stickers on truzzer now!

Google review NFC action Button


Available from 11/10/2023 - Pre-order now

Review us on Google Sticker Iconic

From: $25,00

WIFI NFC Sticker “Square” with QR Code

From: $27,00

Google Review NFC Sticker “Square” with Google Review QR Code

From: $27,00

Instagram NFC Sticker “Square” with Instagram QR Code

From: $27,00

Follow us on Instagram Sticker Icon

From: $25,00

Yelp! Review Sticker Clean with review QR

From: $25,00

Yelp! Review Sticker Color with review QR code

From: $25,00

Google Sticker with review QR code & Google score

From: $25,00 From: $18,90

Review us on Google Sticker with QR code rectangle

From: $27,00

Review us on Google Sticker Square with Google review QR code

From: $25,00

Google review sticker roll

From: $119,00

Your advantages at a glance


No searching

Your customers don't have to find you first and you don't have to give them your username or, in some cases, explain it


Whatever the weather

For inside and outside - the stickers are weatherproof and won't break even in the rain


No asking

You don't have to address your customers about it, because they will be made aware of your Instagram profile by themselves


Shows innovation

It already shows in the shop that you are a modern company.

How it works

step 1

Place the social media sticker prominently in the checkout area or on the front door.

step 2

Your customer sees the request to follow you or to rate you, scans the QR code and follows you or rates you.

step 3

Done 😉

Why truzzer?

One of the decisive arguments for booking or purchasing decisions are the ratings on Google and Tripadvisor, the recommendations on Facebook or the opinions of influencers and people on Instagram.
Truzzer simplifies online reviews and recommendations for your business by providing a physical and easy-to-use interface between local business and the digital world. Quite simply truzzer!

You have a question?

You will find answers to all of our questions in our FAQs.