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3 reasons why your customers don’t review you on Google and how you can get more reviews from customers.

Collecting reviews on Google is extremely important for the success of modern companies, after all, reviews show how good the service and the products are.

But even if customers are more than satisfied, they usually leave no feedback. The following article explains why this is the case and what you can do about it.

1. Customers forget to rate you on Google

You will know it just as well as your customers. You bought something, received service or stayed in a hotel and you are completely satisfied. You walk out of the store or hotel feeling great and…nothing. Exactly, nothing. You are fine and happy. The last thing on your mind right now is judging someone. The same goes for your customers. There is nothing to fault and accordingly forget it. It’s human nature to accept good things, after all, that’s what you expect. The situation is different if the service has been bad, because this triggers emotions that “linger” and that need to be vented. This happens quickly as a result of a negative review on Google.

2. Your customers don’t know that they can rate you

Kunden sind super und helfen uns allen unser Business weiter voranzutreiben.
You’re also usually great and your customers appreciate that too. What your customers don’t know, however, is that you can also be rated on Google. If one carries out this idea theoretically, it is also relatively abstract. Your customer meets you in the real world and accepts your offer and is satisfied. Your customer should then draw the connection between your service and an evaluation in a digital field. These areas are too far apart to be logically related.

3. Your customers don’t know how to rate you.

It may be difficult for many companies to understand that in this day and age, a Google review can be difficult for one person. But that’s exactly how it is. The rating option on Google is more complicated than you think.

The process is as follows:

  1. The customer has to search for your business on Google2. Your company must be suggested to the customer (depending on the end device) (this usually requires the exact company name and often the location as well)
  2. The customer must go to the “Reviews” section
  3. The customer has to click on “Write a review” there

When listed, this process no longer seems so simple.

Now we have 3 reasons why it is difficult to get Google reviews from your customers. You can find out what you can do about it below.

1. Ask customers for Google reviews

It sounds so trivial, but this is the first step. If you ask your customers for a Google review, they can take the following from this request:

  1. Your company can also be found on Google
  2. Your business can be rated on Google
  3. An evaluation will help you

Your customer now knows about these circumstances and knows that he can evaluate you and help you with it.
But it usually stays with the request – it’s out of the eye, out of mind.

2. Remind customers of the review

It may seem a little “aggressive”, but this is also a way to get a good Google review from your customers. You can always remind returning customers of the rating, so that the request will eventually “burn in” and the customer will actually give the rating at some point. Another option is to remind customers of the rating via email or WhatsApp if you had contact via email or messenger.

3. Give customers a feedback card

Ok, ok, self-promotion stinks but it works amazingly well. Give your customers one of our evaluation cards with a QR code. Simply by handing over the cards or enclosing the cards in bags or shipping boxes, you make your customers aware that they can find you on Google, that you can be rated there and that it is important to you. The QR code leads directly to the evaluation form, so that the difficulty of the actual evaluation is eliminated.

If you are interested in our rating cards, you can find our products here for more Google reviews: To the products

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