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We at truzzer are long-standing experts in gaining fans and followers, as well as generating online and Google reviews, and we help you with simple and understandable solutions to quickly get more and better reviews from your customers, to gain more followers and to make your customers the most influential marketing tool you have ever had! The result? More customers and more sales!


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truzzer changes the way you look at your customers, guests and patients. With our follower and review solutions, you can turn your customers into an independent marketing tool!

Instead of leaving your customers as regular customers after the purchase, we help you to convert them into an influential, trustworthy and highly effective marketing tool after the purchase, which gives you more reach, more awareness, more attention, more trust, a high reputation and thus brings in more sales!

With our review and follow solutions, we get your customers to always review you positively on Google and to follow you on Facebook and Instagram ⭐And the best:
Recommendations even ensure that they not only bring you new customers, but also buy them from you again!
This is how customer loyalty works today!

The effective interface between offline & online, between customer & dealer for more Google and online reviews

With truzzer you make it easy for your customers to review your company on Google or Tripadvisor and to follow you on Instagram and Facebook. This saves you having to buy expensive and fake Google and online reviews. Receive ratings directly on Google and your relevant channels from satisfied customers - without detours and without monthly costs.

Easily get your customers to review you on Google or to follow you on Instagram & Co.

We offer two types of follow-up and review solutions to companies. From rating cards, rating stickers and business cards that ask your customers for a nice rating, to a reward function in the form of discounts or competitions that you define in advance so that your customers receive a reward in the form of a discount, discount or of a win. In this way you increase customer loyalty & ensure that your customers buy from you again.

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Increase the number of your positive reviews & your ranking

With the truzzer review cards you will receive new and positive customer reviews in no time at all.


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choose the service provider with the most reviews on Google

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Word of mouth 2.0

Word of mouth is still the most effective form of advertising and if everyone speaks well of your company in the form of good Google reviews, then your offer will convince.

This is why Google reviews & recommendations are so important to your success

Google reviews are important for every company, because what customers say about you decides whether other customers will take up your offer and thus whether your company will grow in the long term. Furthermore, many good Google reviews help you to increase your SEO - i.e. your visibility in the search results.


of all seekers ...

choose the service provider with the most reviews on Google

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.. evaluate businesses, service providers and experiences on the Internet if they have a direct opportunity


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... do not use the advantage of online reviews & thus forego customer growth.


of all customers ...

... dtrust reviews on the Internet and use this to decide for you

The best advertising for your company is free!

Namely, the direct advertising of satisfied customers who recommend you.

Today's customers compare customer ratings online before deciding on a service provider, shop, hotel or restaurant.

As a local company, receiving Google reviews from its own customers is a difficult undertaking, because “real life” on site in the company or at the customer's premises does not offer a direct interface to the relevant Google review options. At this point, Empfehlio comes up with a simple solution that enables each of your satisfied customers with a smartphone to review you and your company positively and recommend you to others.

Gain more reach, more customers and a better reputation with truzzer

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