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truzzer helps you to get more Google reviews faster

What customers say about your company in the form of reviews on Google determines your success. Truzzer offers you the right solution to take your success to the next level with Google reviews!

We turn your customers into a promotional tool in no time at all by using tangible offline-online interfaces to ensure that your customers recommend, review & promote you where it is important - with reviews on google!

We offer you a variety of Review us on Google products that encourage your customers to review you on Google. From the personalized Google review card to Google QR code stickers you will find everything you need to get more google reviews and increase trust in your business.



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This is how the “Review us on Google Products” will help to get more Google reviews

Getting Google reviews is theoretically easy and also free if your service convinces your customers. However, the difficulty on the way to the Google review  is asking for the review (how do I ask customers for the Google rating correctly? ) and the fact that customers simply forget to review you when they are satisfied. That may sound strange, but negative experiences weigh more in the human psyche than positive ones, so that customers are more inclined to "vent themselves" (e.g. in the form of negative reviews than to enthusiastically review something that convinces them).

The truzzer products for more Google reviews help you to ask your customers for a review on Google at the same time and also serve as a reminder of the review on Google afterwards.

This is how the "Review us on Google" products work

The "Review us on Google" products are practical marketing tools with which you can quickly and easily gain more new reviews on Google.

The products make the Google review tangible for customers and take the hurdle from the offline request to the Google review  online, which is usually too complicated or is forgotten very quickly as soon as the customer has left the shop.


By handing over one of the "Review us on Google" cards or by looking at one of the "Review us on Google" stickers, the customer is reminded of the rating and can easily review you - without searching, without asking.


The "Review us on Google" products are all individually tailored to your company and are personalized with your logo and your own Google Review QR Code, which we create for you.


Your customers can use the Google QR Code to go directly to the review form - this prevents jumps on the way to the review.


At Truzzer, our team of experts is dedicated to creating the custom QR code for your “Review us on Google” products, utilizing the information you provide during the ordering process. This personalized service is applicable to all our offerings, ensuring seamless integration with Google reviews and increasing your business’s online visibility. By leveraging the power of Google’s platform, our QR codes facilitate customer engagement and drive higher search rankings, ultimately enhancing your online presence and brand reputation.

The QR code associated with the “Review us on Google” products is designed to remain valid indefinitely, ensuring ongoing functionality and convenience. This means it does not come with an expiration date. Our primary goal is to help our clients obtain more Google reviews, which in turn contributes to enhancing their online presence and search engine rankings. By providing a QR code that is always functional, customers can easily leave valuable feedback for your business at any time, fostering increased engagement on Google’s platform and ultimately boosting your brand reputation.

Utilizing our products for Google reviews is incredibly straightforward and user-friendly. Customers simply need to scan the Google QR Code attached to the products using their smartphone camera. Upon scanning, the form for your Google review will be displayed directly on their device. Your customers can then effortlessly leave a review and click “submit.”

By streamlining the review process, our products aim to encourage more customers to provide valuable feedback for your business, ultimately resulting in a higher number of Google reviews. This increased engagement on Google’s platform enhances your online presence, search engine rankings, and overall brand reputation.

The Google review using our products is very easy. Customers only have to scan the Google QR Code attached to the products with the smartphone camera and the form for your Google review will open directly. Your customers only have to leave a review and click “submit”.

Indeed, having a Google Business Profiles account, formerly known as Google My Business, is essential for receiving Google reviews. This account enables customers to locate and engage with your business online, and you can set it up at no cost. By creating and maintaining a Google Business Profiles account, you’ll be able to collect valuable customer feedback through reviews, which in turn helps improve your online presence, search engine rankings, and overall brand reputation on Google’s platform.

Absolutely, we understand the importance of ensuring that the product meets your expectations. Therefore, we are more than willing to provide you with a preview of your desired product before completing the order. Our commitment is to deliver products that effectively help your business gather valuable Google reviews, boosting your online presence and search engine rankings on Google’s platform.

At Truzzer, we offer various customization options to make your QR code for Google reviews unique and visually appealing. You can choose from a range of colors, shapes, and styles, as well as incorporate your brand logo to create a personalized QR code that aligns with your business identity.

You can easily incorporate the QR code for Google reviews into various marketing materials such as business cards, flyers, posters, and email signatures. By strategically placing the QR code in these materials, you can encourage customers to leave valuable reviews, enhancing your online presence and search engine rankings on Google’s platform.

By regularly logging into your Google Business Profiles account, you can track the Google reviews you receive through the QR code. Engaging with your customers by responding to reviews, both positive and negative, demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction and can further improve your online reputation.

Having more Google reviews can improve your business’s online visibility, search engine rankings, and credibility. Reviews serve as social proof for potential customers, helping them make informed decisions about your products or services. Additionally, they provide valuable feedback that can help you enhance your business operations and customer experience.

Yes, you can flag and report any inappropriate or false Google reviews received through the QR code. Google has a review policy in place, and if a review violates their guidelines, it may be removed. Monitoring and addressing such reviews is essential for maintaining your online reputation and ensuring the accuracy of your business’s overall rating.

After you place your order and provide the necessary information, our team will typically create and deliver your custom QR code for Google reviews within a few business days. We strive to ensure a quick turnaround time, allowing you to start gathering valuable customer feedback as soon as possible.

To motivate more customers to leave Google reviews using the QR code, consider placing it in prominent locations, such as at the point of sale, on marketing materials, or in post-purchase communications. Additionally, you can offer incentives like discounts or small tokens of appreciation to thank customers for their feedback.

By regularly monitoring the number of reviews you receive through your Google Business Profiles account, you can assess the effectiveness of the QR code in generating customer feedback. Comparing the number of reviews and overall ratings before and after implementing the QR code can provide insights into its impact on your online presence.

Yes, you can create and use individual QR codes for each of your business locations. This allows you to collect location-specific reviews and enables customers to provide feedback for the location they visited, helping you identify areas of improvement for each establishment.

Absolutely! You can incorporate the QR code for Google reviews into your website or share it on social media platforms to encourage customers to leave feedback. By expanding the QR code’s reach, you increase the likelihood of receiving more reviews, ultimately boosting your online presence and search engine rankings on Google’s platform.

Customers simply need a smartphone with a built-in camera and internet access to scan the QR code and leave a Google review. Most modern smartphones have a built-in QR code scanner in their camera app, making it easy for customers to access the review form.


Yes, our QR codes for Google reviews are compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Customers using either type of smartphone can easily scan the QR code, access the review form, and submit their feedback.


If your business details change, please contact our support team with the updated information. We will create a new QR code with the revised details, ensuring that your customers can continue to leave reviews seamlessly.

Yes, the QR code can be resized to fit various applications, from small business cards to large posters or banners. However, it’s essential to maintain the code’s aspect ratio and ensure that the QR code remains scannable at the adjusted size.


Our QR codes for Google reviews are secure, as they only direct users to your Google Business Profiles page where they can submit their feedback. We do not collect any personal data from users who scan the QR code.

Yes, we provide ongoing support and resources to help businesses maximize the benefits of using the QR code for Google reviews. This includes best practices for implementing the QR code, tips for encouraging more reviews, and guidance on responding to customer feedback.

While our primary focus is on creating QR codes for Google reviews, we can create custom QR codes for other platforms upon request. Please contact our support team to discuss your specific requirements.

You can share the QR code with remote customers through various digital channels, such as email, newsletters, or social media. Including the QR code in your digital communications makes it easy for customers to access the review form and submit their feedback.

 No, you can start using the QR code for Google reviews regardless of the current number of reviews your business has. Implementing the QR code can help you gather more reviews and improve your online presence on Google’s platform.

When addressing negative reviews, it’s essential to respond professionally and empathetically, demonstrating your commitment to customer satisfaction. Use the feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve your business operations, and consider offering a resolution to the customer’s concerns when appropriate.

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