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truzzer helps you to get more Google reviews faster

What customers say about your company in the form of reviews on Google determines your success. Truzzer offers you the right solution to take your success to the next level with Google reviews!

We turn your customers into a promotional tool in no time at all by using tangible offline-online interfaces to ensure that your customers recommend, review & promote you where it is important - with reviews on google!

We offer you a variety of Review us on Google products that encourage your customers to review you on Google. From the personalized Google review card to Google QR code stickers you will find everything you need to get more google reviews and increase trust in your business.


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This is how the “Review us on Google Products” will help to get more Google reviews

Getting Google reviews is theoretically easy and also free if your service convinces your customers. However, the difficulty on the way to the Google review  is asking for the review (how do I ask customers for the Google rating correctly? ) and the fact that customers simply forget to review you when they are satisfied. That may sound strange, but negative experiences weigh more in the human psyche than positive ones, so that customers are more inclined to "vent themselves" (e.g. in the form of negative reviews than to enthusiastically review something that convinces them).

The truzzer products for more Google reviews help you to ask your customers for a review on Google at the same time and also serve as a reminder of the review on Google afterwards.

This is how the "Review us on Google" products work

The "Review us on Google" products are practical marketing tools with which you can quickly and easily gain more new reviews on Google.

The products make the Google review tangible for customers and take the hurdle from the offline request to the Google review  online, which is usually too complicated or is forgotten very quickly as soon as the customer has left the shop.


By handing over one of the "Review us on Google" cards or by looking at one of the "Review us on Google" stickers, the customer is reminded of the rating and can easily review you - without searching, without asking.


The "Review us on Google" products are all individually tailored to your company and are personalized with your logo and your own Google Review QR Code, which we create for you.


Your customers can use the Google QR Code to go directly to the review form - this prevents jumps on the way to the review.


We create the QR code for the “Review us on Google” products for you based on the information you provide during the ordering process. This applies to all of our products.

The QR code for the “Review us on Google” products is valid continuously and does not expire.

The Google review using our products is very easy. Customers only have to scan the Google QR Code attached to the products with the smartphone camera and the form for your Google review will open directly. Your customers only have to leave a review and click “submit”.

Yes, you need your own Google My Business account to receive Google reviews. You can create this for free.

Of course, we would be happy to send you a preview of your desired product.

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