Place Instagram stickers prominently
Customer scans QR code
Customer follows you on Instagram

Get more followers on Instagram with the "Follow us on Instagram" stickers with account name and QR code

The eye-catching Follow us on Instagram stickers make it easy for you to gain new followers.
You can easily place the Instagram stickers prominently on a flat surface in your shop, on your car or wherever your customers see it. With the help of the QR code, which links to your profile, your customers can go directly to your profile and follow you directly.

Your advantages at a glance


No searching

Your customers don't have to find you first and you don't have to give them your username or, in some cases, explain it


Whatever the weather

For inside and outside - the stickers are weatherproof and won't break even in the rain


No asking

You don't have to address your customers about it, because they will be made aware of your Instagram profile by themselves


Shows innovation

It already shows in the shop that you are a modern company.


Instagram NFC Tag Action Button


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Instagram NFC Sticker “Square” with Instagram QR Code

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Follow us on Instagram Sticker Icon

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Instagram Sticker Labels Roll Color

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Instagram Sticker Labels Roll Clean

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Follow us on Instagram Sticker Icon Clean

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Follow us on Instagram Sticker Icon Color

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Follow us on Instagram Sticker Clean

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Follow us on Instagram Sticker rectangle

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Follow us on Instagram Sticker Color

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Follow us on Instagram Sticker Square

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How it works

step 1

Place the Instagram sticker prominently in the checkout area or on the entrance door.

step 2

Your customer sees the request to follow you, scans the QR code and follows you

step 3

Done 😉

Get more Instagram followers with Instagram stickers

Instagram itself does not offer you Instagram stickers for more Instagram followers, which is why we at truzzer offer you a large selection of Instagram stickers that you can easily personalize with your Instagram name.

The Instagram stickers help you to easily turn your customers into your Instagram followers by placing the stickers prominently. When customers see your Instagram sticker, all they have to do is hold the smartphone camera over the QR code and they will be taken to your Instagram account and can follow you directly.

Personalized Instagram stickers with name and QR code

The Instagram stickers contain a QR code that leads directly to your Instagram profile. Customers do not have to search for you on Instagram first (which is often difficult because many have a name similar to you or your spelling is difficult), but can go straight to the Instagram profile. We will link to the QR code for you so that there are no errors when linking.

Instagram stickers with profile name for the inside outside

The follow us on Instagram stickers are weatherproof and still rain and snow. So you can attach them inside in the shop, outside on the shop window or on your car. So you always have your Instagram advertising visible to your customers.

Follow us on Instagram stickers of various shapes and designs

Your business, your look! On truzzer you will find different Instagram stickers in different sizes and shapes to make it suitable for your business.

Why order Instagram stickers?

There are many reasons to order Instagram stickers. The main reason, however, is to gain more Instagram followers.Here is a brief overview of what speaks for it:

You show modernity through your Instagram activity
You show your customers that you care about the exchange via social media, which means that you are always improving your service
You help customers to follow you and always get all the latest news from you
You only get real Instagram followers, which increases trust in your company!

You are smarter than your competitors😉

Order Instagram stickers cheap online

You can easily order the Instagram stickers in our shop. We'll take care of everything for you, from creating the QR code to shipping.

Mehr Instagram Follower erhalten

Neben den Instagram Aufklebern, bieten wir Dir viele weitere Produkte, um mehr Follower auf INstagram zu erhalten.

Why truzzer?

One of the decisive arguments for booking or buying decisions are the reviews on Google and Tripadvisor, the recommendations on Facebook or the opinion of influencers and people on Instagram.
Truzzer simplifies the online evaluation and recommendation for your company by offering a physical and easy-to-use interface between local business and the digital world. Quite simply recommended!

You have a question?

You will find answers to all of our questions in our FAQs.