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How to get more Google reviews

It’s well known that what customers say about your business matters more than what you say about it, no matter how great your service is or how good your marketing is. Google has known for a long time how important this aspect is in the opinion and also includes this in the ranking of your company. For this purpose, not only the number of reviews is checked, but also the quality of these Google reviews.

Google reviews have a big impact on how new customers find you and also affect your ranking. For this reason, you can find information here on how the recommended review products for Google reviews can help you get more Google reviews from your customers.

The following awaits you:

  • The importance and influence of Google reviews
  • How to best get reviews from customers

If you are now looking for a solution to increase your Google reviews, then we hope you enjoy reading

The benefits of more Google reviews

Getting a review on Google might seem like a simple action, but the implications are more far-reaching than most people think. The more people you persuade to leave you a review on Google, the more this will have a positive effect on your company and your SALES!

If you have not yet focused on winning Google reviews, you should quickly focus on this and include it in your local marketing, because you will notice it noticeably and it is not expensive.

These facts will help you understand how important it is to you

  • More Google reviews, more customer inquiries and store visits
    Around 87% of all customers trust online and Google reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or acquaintance. So if you increase your Google reviews, you build trust with potential customers, which increases the likelihood that they will come to you (and not to your competitors) and also find you better on Google, since the rating improves your ranking on Google
  • More positive reviews = more sales
    Customers search and research. Most importantly, customers look for reviews online before making a decision. To really convince themselves, customers read at least 10 reviews before making a decision. Accordingly, more Google reviews lead to a far higher probability of choosing you.
  • Better reviews = Better SEO and findability
    Google rewards you for satisfied customers. If Google recognizes that your Google reviews are convincing, Google decides to favor your position in the search results, because Google always wants to show searchers the best result. In addition, this factor of the impact of Google reviews on your SEO has been confirmed by Google.
  • Reviews cost nothing
    Google reviews are free for you. Nothing more needs to be said.

How do you get Google reviews?

Now that you know the importance of it, let’s get down to business, which is where you learn how to get more Google reviews.

Ask your customers for Google reviews

Ah yes, life can be easy. Simply ask your customers to rate you if they are satisfied with you and your service.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy, because…

You can’t grab Google reviews

You can ask your customers for a signature, a high-five, or whatever. They probably will when they get to your place. But no one grabs their cell phone and searches for you and then rates you. Once the customer is out the door, the request for a review is also out of their heads.

What is missing from Google reviews is “tangibility”. Google reviews are abstract to humans because you can’t touch them and you can’t get to them quickly. We looked at how to overcome this obstacle so that you can easily get Google reviews from your customers.

Get more Google reviews with Google review cards, stickers, and tabletop displays

For this reason, we at truzzer offer different solutions to get more reviews in the form of stickers, review cards, business cards and table displays.

These products have your logo and a QR code that leads directly to your rating option on Google. This eliminates the long search (simply scan with the smartphone camera) and we make the evaluation tangible (through cards and table displays you can touch).

We’ve removed the abstract from this process so you can ask your customers for reviews without even having to ask for them.

Place the review stickers in the store, give the cards to products sold, place the tabletop displays on your tables or counter.
Very simple and uncomplicated.

The great thing is that people respond and evaluate the request when they are asked and have a direct route to it.

We would be happy to advise you on the right product and look forward to receiving many new Google reviews, like many of our customers, and allowing your company and sales to grow in the long term.

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