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Google reviews – benefits and importance for businesses

The importance of Google Reviews for local businesses.

Our society today is largely dependent on Google. Anyone looking for information avoids libraries and rather takes the quick and short route via Google. If we look for products, we use Google. If we want to do something, e.g. go out to eat, we use Google to find the right restaurant. A statistic on Google’s daily search volume of more than 4 billion search queries only makes the importance of Google all the more clear.

Anyone who knows about this fact should be aware of how important the online presentation of their own company is and therefore also the role of Google reviews in the search results, because these ratings not only influence the listing on Google, but also help customers themselves decide for you and your company.

What are Google My Business reviews?

Google My Business reviews are a way for customers to leave reviews about businesses. These reviews are open to everyone and cannot be turned off. Companies are rated on a scale from 1 to 5 stars.

Why are Google My Business reviews so important?

Believe it or not, online reviews have the power to influence consumer behavior, because online reviews are “word of mouth” 2.0. Statistically, companies with a rating above 4.0 out of 5 are much more successful because they attract more customers.

Did you know that,…

About 95% of all buyers read reviews before making a purchase.

Google reviews are viewed more than any other website with around 63.6% of customers reading reviews

Every day 12% percent of all customers research online reviews online /as of 2017)

68% of all customers leave a review when prompted and have a direct connection to the review.

80% of all customers do NOT trust companies with less than 4.0 stars rating

More than 36% of all customers agree that Google reviews are the most important thing when choosing a company.

25% of a company’s market value is based on reputation.

82% of all buyers purposely look for negative reviews to protect themselves.

93% of all customers say they are reluctant to visit businesses without reviews.

How Much Do People Trust Google Reviews?

Studies have shown that around 91% of so-called millennials trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends and acquaintances. This circumstance shows that many positive online reviews strengthen credibility and trust in companies.

What about bad Google reviews?

Bad Google reviews are bad in the general sense, but they also have advantages. If you have received a negative rating, you can react to it and contact the customer. This shows other customers how good your service and accommodating is and encourages customers to buy from you even if the rating is bad.

If the bad online ratings on Google are unfounded, you can report them immediately. Google checks these and removes them as well.

Visible on Google Maps

However, the ratings are not only visible in the Google search results, they are also displayed on Google Maps and companies with a good rating are also placed higher up in the results.

in summary

Google reviews give businesses a great opportunity to attract new customers, whether small business or large chain.

How can I get good online reviews?

The easiest way is to ask customers, but this way usually comes to nothing because customers have no direct way to the online rating on Google. The rating is therefore not tangible.
A simple way to get positive Google reviews from customers is to use the recommended Google review cards. These can be placed in the checkout area, put in the customer’s shopping bag or even easily sent with product shipments (in the case of an online shop). So you don’t have to ask or point it out to the customer, because he or she comes across it himself.

What are you waiting for?

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