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Unlock the power of positive reviews with review+

"Put an end to negative reviews! With Review+, you'll now only receive positive feedback from your customers and patients in the public eye! How? It's simple! Review+ acts as a digital buffer that sorts out negative reviews before they become public. This way, your dissatisfied customers have an outlet, and you'll receive exclusively positive reviews on Google, Amazon, and TripAdvisor."


No more bad reviews

Only positive ratings on Google, TripAdvisor and amazon are obtained by pre-qualifying the rating.


Customer frustration buffer

As an intermediate link before the official review, the Review+ form serves as a frustration buffer


Better customer relationship

Customers are bound to your company through optional discount options or competitions.


Direct Monitoring

Get insights into your ratings and receive an email as soon as a rating is made via Review+.

Pre-qualification to secure your reputation

How it works

Customers are directed via the QR code of your individualized rating cards to a customzied landing page with a review form on which the review can be submitted.
With a star-rating higher than 4 stars, your customers will be forwarded to the official rating form from Google, Amazon or TripAdvisor. If the rating is lower, there will be no forwarding and you will receive the rating via email and get the opotunity to get in touch with the customer again.

See it in action

Reviews+ is easy and self-explaining for your customers.

Increase your reputation now

Integrate Review+ into your product.

The Review+ feature is a service that can be added to any review card.
Complementary to your product, the QR code links to the Review+ intermediate page instead of directly to the review form.

This is a one-time addition that can be booked WITHOUT monthly costs.

Just mark on the product page that you want the Review+ function and we will integrate it into your product.

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No! The Review+ products are not subject to any term fees.

We will create the QR code for you based on the information you provide during the ordering process. This applies to all of our products.

Continuous. These products are not tied to a term.