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Getting more good Google reviews with Google Flyers, Google Maps and Google Stickers is fast, effective and makes it easy for your customers to rate you. In this article we will go into the advantages of Google stickers, maps and flyers for you.

Who doesn’t want it? Get more Google reviews for your own company and increase your own Google ranking? After all, these ratings not only have a positive effect on your Google ranking (SEO), but also show other customers how good you and your service are.

However, without encouraging customers to leave you a good review, it will be difficult to get many good Google reviews. If you have asked a customer for a rating or encouraged the customer to do so, this is still no guarantee of success, because the path to Google reviews is not easy for your customers, because they first have to find you on Google and then to the Google review form.
To remedy this and to simplify this whole Google review process, many use “Review us on Google” stickers, cards and flyers.

Review us on Google sticker

You may know these stickers because you’ve seen them in some store before. Round stickers saying “Review us on Google”. These stickers are not available from Google itself. These stickers are useful because they show customers that you can be rated on Google. However, these do not offer the possibility to go directly to your evaluation form.

After many of our customers successfully use our “Review us on Google Maps” with QR code, we have expanded our offer to include such stickers with a direct rating QR code. You can easily attach these stickers anywhere and the stickers forward your customers directly to the evaluation form with the QR code. No asking, no searching – a fully automated evaluation process that works.

You can simply order these stickers in our shop and add your logo to them.

Review us on Google Cards with QR Code

Tired of stickers? Then the “Review us on Google Maps” with QR code is a practical and handy solution. You can easily give these cards to your customers, lay them out on the table or put them in the shopping bag. On these cards, customers will find a “Call To Action” and a QR code for your review profile. Very simple and easy to use.

In our shop you will find the “Review us on Google Maps” with QR code in many different designs depending on the industry, but you can also create your own in an individual design.

In summary

Collecting Google reviews makes sense and you should not hesitate to encourage customers to leave a good review. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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